“That’s it, the bastard is dead”: woman helps hitman murder her ex-priest husband

A shocking real-life story: A woman, frustrated with her violent ex-priest husband, contacts a hitman to kill him. Together they put the plan into action and the woman is relieved when she utters the phrase "That’s it, the bastard is dead".
Time and again, tragic events like this occur where people use unconventional methods to try to get away from their problems. But the consequences are often more far-reaching than one might imagine.
In this article, we will dive deeper into the background of this shocking story and discuss the possible reasons that drive someone to commission a murder. Who are these people and why do they choose such an extreme course of action?? Let us together try to answer these questions.

Who was the man they wanted to kill

There was once a man who was hated by many people. The reasons varied: some thought he was a cheat, others claimed he was a thief. One day some of them decided they wanted revenge and hired a hitman to kill the man.

The man was well aware of the mortal danger he was in. But he was also ready to stand up for what he thought was right. So he turned to a friend and asked her to help him. Finally, he decided to face his fate and said to her: "If they want to kill me, let them do it". But I will not flee and I will not allow them to break me."

In the end, the man was killed by the hitman, but his story lives on. Because he was a man who stood up for his convictions and would not be broken. Maybe this is why many people are fascinated by him to this day and wonder: who was the man they wanted to kill?

  • Hitman
  • Death
  • Revenge
  • Cheater
  • Thief

Why the woman wanted to kill him?

After the woman helped the hitman kill her ex-priest husband, the question remains as to why she did it. Was it revenge for a painful breakup or were there even deeper reasons? Perhaps he had mistreated her or lied to her? Or was it simply a matter of money?

Looking back on their marriage, it is possible that the priest did not make his wife happy. Perhaps she had enough of the hypocrisy and lies that came with his work as a clergyman. Or was he just a bad husband? He may have betrayed them or even broken his vows?

It is difficult to say what the exact reasons for the murder are. But it is clear that the woman had strong feelings to go into action. Possibly it was an act of desperation or liberation. Perhaps she was simply tired of always being the victim and wanted to finally assert herself.

  • Ex-priest husband
  • Revenge
  • Abuse
  • Deception
  • Desperation
  • Liberation

How did she find a hitman

The woman killed her ex-priest husband and helped a hitman in the process. But how did she find this hitman? There are many possibilities, but one is particularly likely.

It’s not uncommon for people who want to commit murder to turn to criminal organizations for help. One possibility is that the woman had contacts in such circles and found the hitman through them.

However, it can also be assumed that the woman has already had criminal contacts in the course of her life and thus already knows one or the other hitman or at least has information on how to get hold of one.

It is also possible that the woman was simply happy and met the hitman by chance. Maybe she met him in a bar or met him through a friend.

However the woman got to the hitman, it remains questionable whether she considered the consequences of her actions and whether she can live with the consequences in the long run.

How can one justify a murder?

It’s hard to imagine how someone can justify having committed murder. But this woman did. She helped a hitman kill her ex-priest husband and after that she said "That’s it, the bastard is dead." But how can she justify her act?

Maybe she feels her actions were necessary to protect herself and her family. Maybe she also feels that her ex-husband deserved to die. Or was it just an impulse reaction that she will later regret??

In the end, it is a moral question and everyone should take responsibility for their actions. Justifying murder is difficult, but we need to address why someone is capable of such an act and how we can prevent such acts of violence in the future.

  • How can we as a society help support people in difficult situations??
  • How can we strengthen prevention and victim protection?
  • How can we promote a culture of peace and forgiveness???

These are the questions we must ask ourselves to prevent such violence and create a better future for all.

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