Telemedicine in germany: free tools for online consultations

The Corona pandemic has shown how important digital solutions are in the healthcare sector. Doctors and patients no longer necessarily need to be physically in the same room to deliver successful treatment. Telemedicine makes it possible to hold consultations online and thus maintain health care even in times of pandemics. In this article, we present three free tools that can help physicians in Germany make the transition to online consultations.
Telemedicine: what is it?
Telemedicine refers to the digital networking of medical services. Doctors can communicate digitally to help patients more effectively and quickly. The benefits are clear: both doctors and patients save time and can work more effectively. In addition, healthcare services can be provided in rural areas where access to healthcare would otherwise be more difficult.

Why telemedicine is important in Germany

Telemedicine gives doctors and patients the opportunity to access healthcare services directly from home. In rural areas where medical care is limited, telemedicine can be a vital resource. The COVID 19 pandemic has shown that telemedicine can be invaluable in urban areas, reducing direct contact between doctors and patients and ensuring that medical care is maintained during lockdown measures.

In addition, telemedicine is important for reducing healthcare costs. Patients can benefit from reduced travel costs and time savings, and medical facilities can benefit from efficiencies and cost savings.

Free tools are a great addition to telemedicine in Germany. With the availability of these tools, doctors can more easily conduct online consultations and patients can access medical care faster.

  • The first free tool is, a secure and simple platform for video consultations.
  • The second tool is Jitsi Meet, an open-source video conferencing system that requires no installation or registration.
  • The third tool is Patientus, which offers various methods of communication, including video consultations and chat.

Overall, telemedicine is an important part of healthcare in Germany, and free tools like, Jitsi Meet and Patientus can help make telemedicine even more accessible and effective.

Free tools for your online consultation: Telemedicine in Germany

Telemedicine has grown rapidly in Germany in recent years. Especially due to the Corona pandemic, many doctors have switched to holding their consultation hours online. But which tools are suitable for this? We present three free options to help you get the most out of your consultation online.

  • Skype
    Probably the best known and most commonly used tool is Skype. Here you can bring together up to 50 people in a video chat. The advantage here is that most patients already have a Skype account, so no additional sign-up is required.
  • Zoom
    Another popular tool for online consultations is Zoom. Here you can make both video and audio calls. The advantage of Zoom here is that you can share the screen and thus show patients e.g. Show X-rays or other documents directly.
  • is another free tool for online consultations. The fact that no download or registration is required is particularly positive here. The doctor creates a personal link, which the patient clicks on and the consultation can begin.
Telemedicine in Germany: Free tools for online consultations

In addition to these three tools, there are other free alternatives that are suitable for conducting online consultations. When choosing a tool, the most important thing is that there is good video and audio quality and that data protection is respected. In addition, it’s a good idea to conduct a test consultation with a trusted partner in advance to eliminate any potential points of failure.

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